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Vehicle Robots

XR Master Battle Tank Robot

Help kids to learn about the soldering project knowledge of mechanical structure, electronic basis skills, the principle of the sensor, basic automatic control, soldering skill and so on.

Donkey car is an open source DIY self driving RC car. It uses a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a 720P Hd camera to control an RC car to drive thru tracks autonomously. Autonomous driving is achieved by recording images and your inputs while you're driving it, then it uses Tensorflow to learn from you. So you're teaching the car to drive like you!

Pan tilt kit for Hd camera, and 4 DOF robot arm

Support graphical programming

Self-built WiFi signal hot spot, remote control by WiFi


Real-time video transmission

Real-time video transmission, two-axis pan/tilt tool allows the camera to move at any angle.

WuLi Bot

RaspberryPi DS Robot

Arduino DS Robot

Tracking and Obstacle avoidance

Media Reports

This is a STEM programmable robot from XiaoR GEEK. Its design inspiration comes from Disney Animation 'Plane'. It integrates infrared, ultrasonic, LED, beep and other s...

This is an Arduino Tank with 6DOF Robotic arm that made by XiaoR GEEK,it is base on Arduino 2560,we use PS2 to control the Robotic arm and motors,you can control it to ...