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s an expansion board suitable for a series of cars with Arduino Mega 2560 as the mainboard. The overall layout is reasonable and can be directly inserted with Arduino Mega 2560.  I  can support the various modules required to build a balance car, such as ultrasonic module,  motor, WiFi module(designed by XiaoR GEEK), servo, sensor, etc.



1. Input voltage: Power interface DC7-15V

2. Button: KEY1,KEY2,RESET button

3. Serial port: Serial port 0(USB interface), Serial port 1,Serial port 2, Serial port 3. 1-3 serial ports are all pin interfaces.

4. Car light interface: Interface voltage 5V

5. LED indicator light: Power indicator light(No interface), Water lamp 1(A6),Water lamp 2(PA7)

6. Servo driver: 8-ways servo driver(1-8)

7. Infrared infterface: 5-ways infrared interface, can be realize line following and follow.

8. Ultrasonic interface: Trig, Echo, VCC, GND

9. Display interface: 12864 display interface(Serial communication interface)

10. Motor interface: 2-ways motor servo, Output is battery voltage (7-15V)

11.32 unused IO interfaces are available


Note: Due to different batches, the color of the board will be different.

1 PCS expansion board for Arduino Mega 2560