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DS-X is made of aluminum alloy material, with HD camera, 2 DOF PTZ, sensitive infrared detector, etc., suitable for the secondary development needs of college students and DIY electronics enthusiasts.

This smart robot car can be equipped with any three kinds of main controllers: Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi, support different stages of programming languages from Arduino-C to C and Python, support secondary development, entertaining with education, and help college students and DIY electronics enthusiasts to unlock more functions.



1. WiFi wireless remote control

After the car is turned on, an AP hotspot is generated, and the mobile phone and the computer can be connected point-to-point. The corresponding commands are transmitted between the car and the mobile phone and the computer through the HTTP protocol to control the operation of the car.

2. Turn signal

When the car turns, the light bar in the corresponding direction lights up, Prompt turning state.

3. Infrared anti-drop

The infrared sensor receives the reflected light from the object to judge the driving environment of the car. When the distance between the infrared sensor and the desktop is greater than 5-12CM, the car will no longer respond to the front, left and right commands.

4. OLED display

The OLED display can display information, such as the car's function mode, power level, ultrasonic ranging value, etc., so that users can more intuitively understand the running status of the car.

5. Visual patrol(Only Raspberry Pi)

The car recognizes the patrol line which arranged on the ground through the camera, and generates a learning result model. The next time the car can automatically complete the patrol task.

6. Raspberry Pi features

The Raspberry Pi version of the robot has AI deep learning functions, supports visual recognition of human faces, visual recognition of QR codes, visual recognition of colors, visual recognition of line patrol and other functions.


Product parameters:

Compiled language: STM32/Arduino(C language), Raspberry pi(Python)

Product number: DS-X

Dimensions: 231*140*158mm

Compiler Environment:  Arduino IDE/IAR Python

Charging method: DC direct charge

Wireless communication: WiFi/Bluetooth

Frequency range: 2.4GHz

Signal range: 25M effective distance

Camera: 30W high-definition camera

Weight: ≈1.5kg

Supply voltage: 7.4v

Remote control method: iOS, Android, PC, Web, PS2 handle

Microprocessor: Arduino UNO/STM32/Raspberry Pi 4B