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Name: XRbot LINK4.0

Implementation Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Interface: USB2.0, Serial port, I/O port, Reset button

RAM: 32M


Frequency Range: 2.402-2.48GHz

Modulation: 802.11 g/n: OFDM

                   802.11b: CCK(11, 5.5Mbps), QPSK(2Mbps)


Output Power: 802.11b: 17dBm ±1.5dBm(11Mbps)

                        802.11g: 13dBm ±1.5dBm(54Mbps)

                        802.11n: HT20 13dBm ±1.5dBm(HT20 MCS7)

                                       HT40 12dBm ±1.5dBm(HT40 MCS7)

Pre-brush System: Openwrt routing system

Supply Voltage: 5V±5%

Crystal Frequency: 25MHz

Operating Temperature: 0~80℃

Storage Temperature: -40~85℃

USB Differential Impedance: 90Ω

RF Input Impedanc: 50Ω

Receiving Sensitivity: 802.11b: 11M〈-76dBm

                                   802.11g: 54M〈-65dBm

                                   802.11n: HT20 MCS7〈-64dBm

                                                  HT40 MCS7〈-61dBm


Package Included:

1x Wifi Module