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This is a very good kits which developed specially for those beginners who are interested for Arduino, STM32.

The kit has 37 sensors modules for the beginners, All sensors are carefully selected and tested.

A clear listing for components can be viewed by clicking the picture or in the product description.

There is also paper documentation available in the packaging.


Component listing:
1 x Joystick
1 x Relay
1 x Avoid
1 x Rotary encoders
1 x Temp and humidity
1 x Linear hall
1 x Reed switch
1 x Digital temp
1 x Big sound
1 x Small sound
1 x Touch
1 x Flame
1 x IR emission
1 x IR receiver
1 x Buzzer
1 x Passive buzzer
1 x Analog hall
1 x 18B20 temp
1 x Analog temp
1 x Tracking
1 x Tap module
1 x Shock
1 x Laser emit
1 x Button
1 x Ball switch
1 x Tilt-switch
1 x Photo-resistor
1 x Heartbeat
1 x SMD-color
1 x Light cup
1 x Hall mignetic
1 x Two-color
1 x Mini two-color LED
1 x 7 color flash
1 x Mini Reed
1 x Light blocking