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ETBOT 2.0 Robot car combined with JETSON NANO platform, new development and design of Mecanum wheel artificial intelligence robot car, to meet the complete desktop Linux environment, can quickly respond to a variety of AI visual play, the unique mechanical structure design of the whole car, quite a sense of technology, three degrees of freedom of the camera can be free 180 degrees of rotation, but also supports color recognition, object tracking ,face recognition, autonomous driving and other rich AI scenarios and secondary development, with Pycharm software to help college students and DIY electronics enthusiasts quickly master artificial intelligence application technology.



Jetbot2.0 robot is a DIY multi-function AI education robot based on Jetson Nano B01. Robot combine with Jetson Nano to truly lower the threshold of artificial intelligence, which make A.I interesting, more suitable for learning and competition.
An AI Robot That Has Brain: Collect Data via Camera, Train the Neural Network, Then Use the Train Model for:Autopilot,Facial Recognition, Object Tracking, Auto-follow and Obstacle Avoiding,Anti-fall, what's more,secondary development supported.
Equipped with 4WD omnidirectional mcnamm wheels, it can easily complete 360° barrier-free sports and cope with more complicated routes. It also supports PS2 handle control. You can use it in competitions and experience the joy of learning while playing.
【Must buy】Knowing AI tech is becoming more and more important,for example: self-driving car research is becoming the main direction of automotive companies and demand for autonomous-cars engineers has increased a lot. As a self-driving learning platform, you can use our robot car to test what you've learned about.
【3DOF PTZ 】Control the pan/tilt to move in all directions through APP, rotate 180 degrees left and right, 90 degrees up and down,control the camera as you like.
【Visual recognition of human faces】8M high-definition pixels,160-degree wide-angle line of sight can recognizefacial features. When the face moves, he camera will move synchronously and follow the face.
【 4WD Omnidirectional Mecanum Wheel】Smart robot biggest feature is 4WD omnidirectional mecanum wheel which can easily complete 360 ° barrier free movement and the challenge of more complex routes.
【 Automatic Obstacle Avoidance】Through self-training or using pre-trained multi-environment AI models up to 217M in size, the neural network can be used to make a steering judgment on the front environment of the current motion trajectory in real time to realize the function of dropping and avoiding obstacles.
【 RGB Lights】AI Robot car equipped with all-white high bright LED, suitable for night play and can support voice and remote control to trigger the light on and off


Product Parameters:

Name: Jebot2.0

Dimensions(L*W*H): 300x195×208mm

Weight: about 1.35kg(including 7.4V lithium battery)

Material: aluminum alloy

Maximum climbing angle: <10°

Wheels: 65mm mecanum wheels rotate in all directions

Control: Jetson Nano B01 motherboard

Storage space: 16GB /OLED screen: 0.91 inch

Buzzer: active buzzer

Motor drive: 4 independent motor drives

RGB lights: onboard 4 RGB plus external RGB interface       


Note: When it is sent out, it has been assemabled.

Note: When it is sent out, it has been assemabled.