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ROS robot platform lidar robot,Donkey car,Jetbot AI smart car,It has the following performance characteristics.

Features Description:

  • Color recognition;

  • Autopilot;

  • Mobile tracking;

  • Visual obstacle avoidance;

  • Lidar building map;

  • Automatic obstacle avoidance for indoor positioning;

  • 4-DOF mechanical arm;

  • Path planning of lidar;

  • Camera visual inspection line;

  • ROS mileage feedback

Product parameters:

  • Main control board of ROS robot:JETSON NANO

  • programming software:Python、C

  • Carbody size:length 300mm*width 230mm*height 349mm(Without mechanical arm)

  • Weightabout 4kg

  • Robotic arm:Anti jamming four degree of freedom mechanical arm

  • Length:310mm (Overall length of claw when closed)

  • Battery:2200mAh Lithium battery with charging protection

  • Voltage display:window

  • Electric machinery:DC brush motor (with 360 line AB code)

  • IMU:Nine axis gyroscope sensor

JETSON NANO SLAM LidarJETSON NANO Dankey car BlackJETSON NANO Motion planning

JETSON NANO Donkey car ROSJETSON NANO Donkey car ROSxiaorgeek.comJETSON NANO Donkey car ROSJETSON NANO Donkey car ROSJETSON NANO Donkey car ROSJETSON NANO Donkey car ROS