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GFS-X is made of aluminum alloy material big track tank chassis, with HD camera, 2 DOF PTZ, 4DOF robot arm, sensitive infrared detector, etc., suitable for the secondary development needs of college students and DIY electronics enthusiasts.



1. Robot Arm (Optional)

4 degrees of freedom robotic arm, 180 degree free rotation, unique APP control interface, virtual robotic arm synchronous control, control the grasping movement of the robotic arm as you like.

2. Big Track tank chassis

The robot chassis uses high strength aluminum alloy which makes it extremely solid and durable. 

3. Voltage indicator

After the car is turned on, the left light bar will show power in different colors, above 80% green, 30-80% yellow, and below 30% red.

4. Real-time video transmission

Through WiFi, real-time transmission of video images captured by the car camera to the APP or computer control software interface to achieve first-person visual effects.

5. Ultrasonic Ranging

Triggered by the control terminal, the distance between the car and the obstacle can be seen on the radar interface of the APP or PC software, and the distance value(cm) can be clearly displayed.

6. 720P HD camera line tracking

The car recognizes the black line  arranged on the ground through the camera, and automatically follows the black line to run.

7. Infrared line patrol

The car recognizes the black line arranged on the ground through the infrared photoelectric sensor, and automatically follows the black line to run.

8. Visually identify colors

Set the specified color in the APP, the car recognizes the color of the object through the camera, and uses the pan-tilt to follow the object's movement.

9. WiFi wireless remote control

After the car is turned on, an AP hotspot is generated, and the mobile phone and the computer can be connected point-to-point. The corresponding commands are transmitted between the car and the mobile phone and the computer through the HTTP protocol to control the operation of the car.

10. Turn signal

When the car turns, the light bar in the corresponding direction lights up, Prompt turning state.

11. Infrared anti-drop

The infrared sensor receives the reflected light from the object to judge the driving environment of the car. When the distance between the infrared sensor and the desktop is greater than 5-12CM, the car will no longer respond to the front, left and right commands.


Product Parameters:

MCU: Raspberry pi4B

Camera: 720P HD camera

Driver board: PWR.X.A compatible with Arduino uno/STM32/Raspberry Pi

Driver wheel: Tracked chassis

Product Size: 301*260*211 mm


Motor: TT DC gear motor

Robotic arm: 4DOF robotic arm

Programming language: Python/C

Signal range: 80m open range

Frequency range: 2.400-2.4835GHz

Language module: XR-YMPM3320

Remote type: WiFi/Bluetooth/PS2 handle

Motor driver: TB6612 Dual motor driver

Supply voltage: 12V Li-ion battery pack

Charging: Disassembly-free in-line

Control methods: 1. iOS/Android APP 2. PC 3. PS2 handle

Wireless communication: Support for 802.11b/g/n protocol up to 150Mbps

 Visually identify colors