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1. 4DOF Robot Arm (Unique APP control interface)

4 degrees of freedom robotic arm, 180 degree free rotation, unique APP control interface, virtual robotic arm synchronous control, control the grasping movement of the robotic arm as you like.

2. Camera visual line inspection

The car recognizes the tracking lines laid out on the ground through the camera

3. Stainless steel multi-function robot tank chassis

Crawler travel mode, 4 pairs of road wheels, strong power, suitable for various terrains.

4. WiFi/Bluetooth wireless remote control

4.1 WiFi: When connected to WIFI mode, the mobile APP only needs to connect to the IP hotspot of the car to control the operation of the car

4.2 Bluetooth: When connecting to the Bluetooth mode, turn on the Bluetooth mode and move the mobile phone and the car close for 3 seconds to connect.

5. 2DOF PTZ, flexible control, easy to control freely

Free angle, flexible and convenient. The up, down, left and right rotation direction of the camera pan/tilt can be flexibly controlled through the mobile APP.

6. WiFi real-time image transmission  

Connect the car in WIFI mode, and the PC and mobile APP screens can display the video picture which is taken by the car camera in real time.

7. Programming language

With simple, compact, flexible and convenient C language and currently popular Python programming language C/Python/Scratch.

At the same time, we provide the source code, you can change the code according to your requirements.

8. Ultrasonic distance measurement backhaul

When the car is running, the radar interface of the APP or PC software can see the distance between the car and the obstacle, and clearly display the distance cm.

9. 2200mAh lithium  battery pack

Built-in 2200mAh battery pack with 12V lithium battery charger,provide continuous power for robot for a longer endurance.

10. 720P HD Camera

Hd camera with manual adjustment of focus, enjoy much of the freedom of the control angle and maximum resolution of dynamic video can be up to 1280*720P, Frame up 100F/s.

11.  Control Models

Support APP(Android and iOS) and PC.


Product Parameters

Product Name: WiFi video smart car robot(GF5 Robot)

Motor driven: Original imported L298P two-way high-power motor driver chip

Supply voltage: 12V lithium battery pack

Charging method: Disassembly-free in-line

Chassis: Stainless steel metal multi-function chassis

Microprocessor: Raspberry Pi

Wireless communication: support 802.11b/g/n protocol, up to 150Mbps

Frequency range: 2.400-2.4835GHz

Signal range: ≦80m open distance

Webcam: HD camera for wifi smartcar(adjustable distance)

Remote control: 1. i0S app, 2. Android app, 3. PC

Size: 220x256x260mm

Weight: 1.85KG