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Mechanical structure is simple, it is easy to install.

Four motors + non-slip solid tires enables more powerful driving force.

DC Motor Reduction Ratio: 1:48 (3V Motor No-load speed 125RPM).

The thickness of the chassis is about 2mm, Size:256*150*2MM, Maximum Load 500g.

Reserved all kinds of mounting holes, Compatible with all kinds micro-controller (Such as: Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, Mega 2560) and sensor module, you can build a unique robot car according to your requirement.

Can add some micro-controller and senor module to realize tracking, obstacle avoidance, follow line, distance testing, speed testing, wireless remote control and so on.


Motor parameters:

Torque: 0.8kg/cm

Reduction ratio: 1:48

Voltage range: 3-15V

Working voltage:  6V   No-load current: 200mA

                                      No-load speed: 245±10%rpm

                                3V  No-load current: 150mA

                                      No-load speed: 125±10%rpm

Package List:

1 * robot chassis

4 * wheels

4 * TT motor

Some screws and nuts