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XiaoR GEEK MOTOR 12V 160RPM Encoder Motor DC Gear Motor



Type: GM25-370 with Encoder

Outer Diameter: 25mm

Shaft diameter : 4mm, D type(thick:3.5mm)

Shaft length: 12mm, (D type:8 mm)



1. All-metal gear: Use all-metal gear material to make it more wear-resistant and extend service life.

2. D type shaft : D type outlet shaft is more convenient for installation and is not easy to slip, saving installation time.

3. Pure copper wire winding: small resistance, strong electrical, so that the motor torque increased.

4. High torque, adjustable, low energy consumption, low noise, stable life, long life, positive and negative turn.

Encoder motor


Package Included:

1 X GM25-370 encoder motor with cable