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1. WiFi/Bluetooth Control

WiFi Bluetooth control Wi-Fi signal and Bluetooth signal are generated after the car is turned on, The mobile phone or tablet can be connected to the car via WiFi or Bluetooth, and be controlled by XiaoR GEE APP

2. Big Aluminum Alloy Tank  Chassis

The Large size domineering aluminum alloy body with 1 pair of driving wheels and 5 pairs carrying wheels and 2 tank tracks to make the walk more easily on complex ground conditions. It has excellent barrier crossing performance, fast detachable design, good expansion performance.

3. Ultrasonic maze walking

The robot car pan/tilt drives the ultrasonic sensor respectively detect the distance of obstacles in the left, center, and right directions, and then automatically select the most open direction to travel.

4. Infrared anti-drop

The car runs smoothly on the desktop. When approaching the edge of the desktop, the car's infrared sensor detects the danger of falling and will no longer respond to forward commands.

5. Real-time mode OLED display

The robot car comes with a 0.91 inch OLED screen, which displays the current operating mode of the car in real-time.

6. Ultrasonic Ranging

There is a voltage indicator light on the left side of the car, which uses different colors to express the power above 80% green, 30-80% yellow, and below 30% red.

7. Turn signal

The colored lights flash when the car is started, and the color and unit number of the headlights can be controlled.

When the car turns, the light bar in the corresponding direction lights up, Prompt a turning state.

8. Voice module

Independent gameplay, turn on the voice function, you can control the running direction and trajectory of the car in real-time.

9. Ultrasonic distance measurement backhaul

When the car is running, the radar interface of the APP or PC software can see the distance between the car and the obstacle, and clearly display the distance cm.

10. Robotic arm

4degrees of freedom manipulator, 180°free rotation, unique APP control interface, virtual manipulator synchronous notification, control the grasping movement of the manipulator as you like.

11. PS2 handle control air energy

Support PS2 handle, flexibly control the car, just like being in a game scene

12. Visual recognition of face(Only Raspberry Pi)

720P HD camera with a wide-angle range of 160 which can recognize facial features. When the face moves, the camera will move synchronously and follow the face.

13. Patrol line by the HD camera(Only Raspberry Pi)  

The car recognizes the black tracking line arranged on the ground through the camera,and automatically follows the tracking line.

14. Infrared line patrol

The car recognizes the black tracking line arranged on the ground through the infrared photoelectric sensor, and automatically follows the tracking line.

15.Visual recognition of QR code(Only Raspberry Pi)

The car can recognize the two-dimensional code with instructions, and make corresponding actions according to the instructions of the two-dimensional code.

16. Visual recognition color(Only Raspberry Pi) 

Set the specified color in the APP, the car recognizes the color of the object through the camera, and uses the gimbal to follow the movement of the object.

17. Built-in electronic organ

The car has its own electronic organ function.

Use the keys on the APP to play, and the car's buzzer will play music synchronously

18. Infrared Follow

Two infrared probes on the left and right of the car body detect objects on both sides: cyclically, calculate the position of the object through the software program, and send the corresponding action instructions to follow the object by the CPU.

19. Infrared line patrol

The car recognizes the black tracking line arranged on the ground through the infrared photoelectric sensor and automatically follows the tracking line.


Product Parameters:

MCU: Arduino UNO/STM32/Raspberry pi4B

Camera: 720P HD camera

Voice module: XR-YMPM3320

Driver board: PWR.X.A compatible with Arduino uno/STM32/Raspberry Pi

Driver wheel: Tracked chassis

Product Size: 305*255*308 mm

Battery: 12.6V-2200mAh

Motor: TT DC gear motor

Robotic arm: 4DOF robotic arm 

Programming language: Python/C/Arduino-c

Signal range: ≤80m open range

Frequency range: 2.400-2.4835GHz

Language module: XR-YMPM3320

Remote type: WiFi/Bluetooth/PS2 handle

Motor driver: TB6612 Dual motor driver

Supply voltage: 12V Lithium battery pack

Charging: No disassembly direct plug-in

Control methods: 1. iOS/Android APP 2. PC 3. PS2 handle

Wireless communication: Support for 802.11b/g/n protocol up to 150Mbps