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Face RecognitionObject recognitionHandwritten digit recognition

Al module use

It is mainly used for the projects of Al operation, such as visual recognition and voice recognition, and can also realize the WiFi 2.4GHz wireless communication function. The module is equipped with a MicroPython system, which can be programmed directly using Python syntax. It is also equipped with a 240*240 pixel full-color LCD screen and an OV2640 camera to provide image display, audio output and camera input functions.


Module function

Basic functions:

●Use with the 2 million pixel camera module in the kit, support front and back shooting, and support video recording;

●Support the use of microSD cards (only SD cards with a capacity less than 16GB), which can read external images, videos, AI models, music and other files, and also support direct file writing;

●Support the playback of WAV format audio files, and can play music through an external speaker on the audio dock on the screen module;

●Support for recording and saving audio, and support for audio spectrum analysis, such as monitoring the sound level through a microphone;

●With the 240*240 pixel full-color LCD screen in the kit, it supports drawing basic graphics and text, and supports drawing JPG pictures

●With the optional Wi-Fi antenna, it can support connection to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi hotspots, and can communicate with cloud applications to realize wireless data transmission. Later, by connecting to the network to call the API interface and database interface, XGO can be more intelligent;

●Onboard serial port for serial communication while being powered by XR DOG MINI;

Visual Identity:

●Color tracking;

●Color analysis;

●Basic shape tracking, such as: straight line/edge, circle, rectangle;

●Automatically learn object features and recognize and track them;

●Barcode tracking, such as: QR code, AprilTag, DataMatrix;

●Route tracking (double line or single line);

Preset machine learning model:

●Support voice recognition of specific voices (unlimited voice types such as Mandarin, English, dog barking)

●Support Mandarin recognition of non-specific human voice.

Speech Recognition:

●MNIST handwritten digit recognition;

●Face recognition and tracking;

●Face recognition (distinguish different faces);

●Human body recognition and tracking;

●Simple object recognition and tracking;

●Identifiable: airplanes, bicycles, birds, boats, water bottles, buses, cars, cats, chairs, cows, dining tables, dogs, horses, motorcycles, people, potted plants, sheep, sofas, trains, monitors

●Basic road sign recognition and tracking;

Simple garbage (classification) identification and tracking


Al module use

Size: no more than 45mm*45mm (length * width)


The main controller adopts the domestic AI chip Sipeed M1w, equipped with a Kendryte K210 (RISC-V Dual Core 64bit @ 400MHz), built-in FPU, KPU, FFT, realize offline AIoT function (Edge Computing), 16M Flash, 8M SRAM. Support Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, use by external antenna. Support FPIOA, UART, GPIO, SPI, I2C, 12S, WDT, TIMER, RTC, including most common interfaces used in Arduino and microbit, and also provide image capture function, can provide up to 2 million pixel image source for taking pictures or Record video, the standard image source is QVGA (320*240px)


Other main components of the module also include: 1 MEMS digital microphone, 2 programmable monochrome LED lights, 3 programmable touch buttons, 1 audio signal amplification chip, 1 microSD card slot, 1 NGFF format plug Slot (for inserting camera module), 1 MicroUSB interface, 1 2P power input socket with 1.0 pitch, 1 240*240 pixel full-color LCD screen, 1 camera model OV2640.