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XiaoR Geek Robotic arm with 4 servos has been assembled and can catch something.

Our Servo Motor can protect gear and prevent locked-rotor.When the servo stuck, it will make “Kaka” sound to remind you. Prevent servos from being damaged.

Rotation angle of 180 degrees. Radius of gyration is 280mm.

Height: 310mm (Grabber/Claw closed).

Clamp Max open is 55mm. Grabber of the widest distance:98mm.



Rotation angle of 180 degree

Radius of gyration is 280mm

Height: 310mm (holder closed) 

Clamp Max open is 55mm

Grabber of the widest distance: 98mm

DIY 4DOF Aluminum Robot Arm 4 Axis Rotating Mechanical Robot Arm Kit

Mechanical Robot Arm Kit is ready for robot learner to explore a fascinating robotic toy.

1* 4DOF robot arm