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1. Small Wheel: Small wheel is made of premium rubber, with high friction and low pulsating noise.

2. Premium Material: The structural parts are made of aluminum alloy with long service life and no deformation.

3. The load capacity gets up to 5KG.

4. With Maximum Flexibility and Free Mobility: The use of omnidirectional drive technology enables rapid positioning of vehicles in small spaces.

5. Walking Mode: The specific walking mode is straight, oblique, transverse, s-traveling, and rotation at any angle with zero radius.

6. This 60mm mecanum wheels compatible with 5mm motor shaft.



Product name: mecanum wheel

Wheel diameter: 60mm

Mecanum wheel width: 31mm

Number of rollers: 8(pieces)

Number of plates: 2

Small wheel angle: 45

Body material: aluminum alloy

Roller material: PP+PE

Roller length: 30mm

Net weight: 86g*4

Mecanum wheels load capacity: 5KG


Package List:
2 × Left Mecanum Wheel
2 × Right Mecanum Wheel
4 x  Coupling 


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