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- High capacity magazine, it is designed for fighting, made of acrylic board, light weight and clear amount of ammunition.

- Cool style, the appearance is simple and cool.

- Stainless steel dial, the powerful motor drives the 6-blade stainless steel to rotate freely.

- The shooting range is so long, it ups to 5m.

- 180°steering gear, all-round fire, no dead angle against,shock experience.

- The versus fort has an independent control board, which integrates various functions and is easy to use.


Note: Please don’t put your hand in fort.


Versus Fort Parameters:

Product Name: XR Versus Fort

Power Input Voltage: 12v

Gun Tube Motor: 12v strong magnetic induction motor 365

Dial Motor: DC 12v dc biaxial motor

Base Steering Gear: 180-degree metal steering gear

Transmitting Frequency: 3 round/sec

Shooting Range: 5m

Gun Tube Material: engineering plastic

Base Material: 304 stainless steel

Weight: about 646g

Product Size: 205*140*160mm

Package list:

1*Versus fort


1*PS2 handle receiver+ Adapter plate

1* PS2 handle