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Our chassis design concept comes from a creature in the depths of the sea - Mobula. We hope everyone can swim in the ocean of knowledge like this ocean elf.

Robust robot platform can support 500g of payload.

Driven by two powerful DC gear motors and two non-slip solid wheels.


Motor parameters


Reduction ratio: 1:48

Voltage range3-15V

Working voltage  6V   No-load current: 200mA

                                  No-load speed: 245±10%rpm

                            3V  No-load current: 150mA

                                  No-load speed: 125±10%rpm


Note: 1. The chassis has a tip, please prevent from being stabbed.

Package Included:

1 x PCB car chassis

2 x TT motor

2 x Car tire

1 x Universal wheel

1 x Battery Box 

2 x screwdriver

Motor wire, some screw and nut