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1. Robot pictures and video synchronous acquisition.

2. Small size, wide angle lens and easy to stall.

3. The screen is more pure and exquisite, less noisy, enjoying the high- quality feast.

4. Combine with VR BOX, bring you a wholly new first-person view.

5. Excellent APP experience,  support IOS/ Android App, PC, Tablet.

6. USB interface high-speed start, with MJPEG diver, plug and play.

7. A Wide range of application.

8. Easy to combine with PTZ.



Product: Binocular Camera

System Support: Windows, Linux, Openwrt

Standard Pixel: 720P

Visual Processing: Opencv Visual Recognition

Output Format: MJPEG

Focus Mode: Support Focal Length Adjustment

Module Size: 4.5*4.5CM

Shell Bracket: Acrylic Material

Weight: About 45G

Scope Of Application: Good Versatility, Suitable For VR Binocular Research

Robot Camera  Binocular

 Binocular  USB Camera Parameters

Binocular  USB Camera

Binocular  USB Camera

Binocular  USB Camera

Binocular  USB Camera

Binocular  USB Camera