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Build a smart robot car: Designed for children aged 14 and up, building the Robot car is a challenge that kids and parents can explore together with a rewarding sense of pride when the car can move and transport image.

XiaoR Geek robotics car kit: Robot car with 16GB Card based on Raspberry Pi 4B mainboard and PWR.A53 robot driver module.

WiFi/Bluetooth control: Automatically self-built signal hot point after power on, support computer web browsers, smart phone and tablets APP(iOS/Android)to control the robot car by wireless Wifi. You can also use smart phone to control the robot car by Bluetooth.

Real-time image transmission: A Hd webcam is included with a USB Wi-Fi adapter so you can check the video in a real-time manner on your PC or any smart phone.Also support video and photo preservation.2-axis cradle head enables the camera to take video at any angle without moving the car and you can view the image and video taken in a web browser on your device by WiFi in real time.

Refined tutorial: An elaborately-written user manual instructions of how to assemble the robot car from scratch. Provided with the complete source code(Written by Python) and Detailed video tutorials, you can change the code by yourself. For professional technical support, please contact us at service@xiaorgeek.com


Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Features:

1. WiFi/Bluetooth control, Path planning, real-time video transmission, video Record function.

2. Built-in 2200mAh battery pack with 8.4V lithium battery charger, provide continuous power for robot for a longer endurance.

3. Designed with 2-DOF robot pan-tilt kit, enjoy much of the freedom of the control angle.

4. Hd camera with manual adjustment of focus, enjoy much of the freedom of the control angle and maximum resolution of dynamic video can be up to 640*480P, Frame up 30F/s.

5. Multi Speed Control System for you to control the speed of the robot.

6. Automatically self-built signal hot point after power on,and support computer web browsers, smart phone and tablets APP(iOS/Android), PC to control the robot car.

7. Provide source code to support second development.You can create a unique robot car by yourself.

Note: Only smart phone can cotrol the car by Bluetooth.