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Note: The package does not include a charger and battery, please purchase it separately.

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Basic Parameters

Microprocessor: STM32F105

Control Algorithm: Series PID control algorithm

Input: IR sensor/Ultrasonic sensor/Button/Camera/PS2 handle

Chassis Craft/Material: Laser cutting/304 Stainless steel

Working Voltage: 12V Lithium battery

Programming Language: C Language

Servo: XR SG90

Output: Stepping motor/Buzzer/Car light/PTZ with servo

Power supply scheme: AMS1117CD-3.3V

Battery life: >60 mins

Motor: 42 Stepping motor

Ranging scheme: Ultrasonic sensor

Safety Protection: Three-level Voltage System Over voltage Protection

Motor Drive scheme: LV8731

Chassis structure scheme: All terrain system

Remote control: Support iOS/Android app, PC, PS2 handle

Size: 308*255*172mm

Weight: 2.49Kg

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XRMaster -package