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  • 【Programmable Robot】Robot kit is an entry-level programmable robot kit for STEM education. By combining coding with games, it attracts new coders to overcome challenges and have fun learning in the process. It can also help improve hands-on ability, children' s logical thinking and creativity skills.

  • 【DIY Programmable Building Block Kit】 From building blocks to programming is the turning point of children's growth. Kids can combine the robot kit with their brand existing building blocks to create more powerful and funny robots.

  • 【Super Multi Play】When you upload different codes, the robot car realize different functions such as track patrol, intelligent obstacle avoidance, follow, light show, compass, roll the dice and so on. You can drag the building block on the APP to program by yourself.

  • 【Paper-based Teaching Books】Step-by-step guide on how to use MakeCode graphical programming and Python programming to realize all kinds of functions. Provide all the code, software instruction and assembly tutorials at the same time.★Tutorial links: http://www.xiaorgeek.com/Study/Study/catalog/cid/33

  • 【Controlled by APP Android & iOS】Supports infrared remote control, mobile phone APP control and WeChat mini program. Please contact us by email service@xiaorgeek.com, we will solve doubts for you. Note 1: Kids without programming foundation need parental support Note 2: You need to prepare micro: bit for yourself. Without micro: bit, the robot can't work properly.