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This is an expansion board suitable for a series of cars with Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B as the mainboard. The overall layout is reasonable and can be directly inserted with Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B. It can support the various modules required to build smart robot car, such as ultrasonic module, motor, servo, sensor, etc.


  1. 74 Series Level Isolation Chip, L298N high-power motor driver chip(4A, 46V input range).

  2. 2-ways DC-DC High performance power supply: SY8120ABC (2A output, 18V input range) LM2596s-adj (3A output, 40V input range).

  3. 4-ways LED: Red power indicator*1, Blue LED connect to IO*3.

  4. Reserve an ID_EEPROM placement location.

  5. 8-ways servo interface: Motherboard providepower, can directly drive 4DOF robot arm and pan-tilt kit.

  6. 5-ways Infrared sensor interface: can be realize line following, object tracking, following and so on.

  7. 1-way Ultrasonic interface: can be realize ultrasonic ranging, obstacle avoidance, walking the maze and so on.

  8. Other GPIO: UART*1, IIC*1, LEDcorresponding pin*3.

  9. Power supply interface: 6-14VDC plug (main power supply connector), 2PIN power supply terminal (for motor external power supply <40V).